About us

R.C.C. Container Trading is your one stop shop for containers. We have been supplying new and used sea, tank and reefer containers for sale and rental to globally oriented customers since 1968. We facilitate the transport, storage and possible repairs of your containers. We guarantee competitive prices, customization and short delivery times, and you can also contact us for modifications to your container. With more than 50 years of experience, we are happy to think along with you, our enthusiastic team is ready for you!



The history of R.C.C. Container Trading starts in 1968 when Cetem Containers B.V. is founded, the parent company of R.C.C. During that period, the first American container ships arrive at Rotterdam via the Atlantic Ocean. What starts with a few container ships, grows over the next few decades to 85 percent of world trade that would go through the sea. Cetem Containers grows with it and since 1 May 2012, the sales department continues independently under the name R.C.C. container trading. Where R.C.C. is a full range container supplier, the depot activities will continue unabated under the name Cetem Containers.

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Our team

Our team consists of six young, enthusiastic professionals who, in addition to general knowledge, all have their own expertise. Together we have the experience to provide our customers and partners with optimal service and information. As a young and fast-growing company, we also regularly have vacancies. Interested? Keep an eye on this website or send us an open letter of application (motivation and CV) to info@rcc-containers.nl.

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What we do

R.C.C. Container Trading specializes in the sale and rental of new and used sea, tank and reefer containers. We transport the containers and have our own container depot with water connection. You can therefore also load and unload containers. Within our company we also have repair facilities, where we inspect, repair and modify containers. We also provide customization, for example if you want to use a container as an office, workshop or exhibition stand.

Where we stand for

What we do is just as important as how we do it. Our goal is to supply new and used containers to our globally oriented customers and partners in an honest, no-nonsense and solution-oriented manner. We offer them fast service at attractive prices. Our company is located in Rotterdam and in strategic locations worldwide such as Antwerp, Cork, Dublin, Hamburg, Oslo, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. This allows us to act quickly, anywhere in the world.

Our target audiance

Our customers and partners are mainly freight forwarders, moving and construction companies, (green) energy suppliers, transformer builders and shipping lines. They buy or rent our containers for transport and storage, because of the expansion or replacement of their current stock of boxes or when new or seasonal projects come into play.


Our containers meet strict quality requirements. Certificates show that your container has been thoroughly inspected and meets all requirements.

We perform the following inspections:

• CSC inspections;
• visual DNV inspections;
• on hire/off hire surveys;
• MPI research;
• new CSC inspections for modified containers.

Buy a container or more information?

Buy or rent a container? We are happy to help you and are happy to think along with you. Our team is available from Monday to Friday during office hours.

Contact us at via 0031 (0)102632333 or info@rcc-containers.nl. You can also request a quote from us online.

Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our products and services. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact our team.