We are a one-stop shop for new and used shipping, tank, and reefer containers for sale and hire, with a large and international established customer base. Customers have been coming to us for more than 50 years to buy and rent containers, but also for the transport, storage, and modification of containers.  Our worldwide network, short delivery times and competitive pricing also play an important role. Curious about our customers and partners? Find out more below.

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Our customers and partners

Our customers and partners include freight forwarders, transport, moving and construction companies, (green) energy suppliers, and companies in the oil and gas industry. They use our containers for transport and storage. Sometimes they need to increase container capacity quickly in response to seasonality factors. We also modify and repair containers for our customers in addition to which we can also take care of transport.

What are our containers used for?

  • To transport goods from A to B;
  • To store equipment on location;
  • To store household goods and personal belongings;
  • To temporarily expand storage capacity;
  • As a weather-resistant storage for machines;
  • To refurbish for use as container homes, for transport, etc.

Freight forwarders

Freight forwarders arrange the shipping of cargo, managing the logistics side of the process. They ensure that cargo is transported from A to B in the most efficient way. We supply suitable containers to freight forwarders as part of this logistical process.

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Transport companies

While you are reading this, countless containers are on the move around the world, by sea, road and rail. Every day and night, all kinds of products, ranging from oil to food and from clothing to chemicals, are transported in containers. We supply high-quality containers to transport companies so that all this cargo reaches its final destination safely and efficiently.

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Offshore, oil and gas

Offshore companies extract oil and gas from the sea and harness wind energy. We supply containers that can be used on drilling rigs and platforms. These are transported by ship and offloaded onto the rig with an offshore crane.

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Container traders

As a container trader, R.C.C. also sells containers to other companies that sell and rent containers.  Our large stock of used containers is especially attractive to other container traders. In addition, we have containers all over the world that can be delivered to a location of your choice, making us an attractive business partner.

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Moving companies

A moving company usually calls on us for two purposes: transport and storage. We sell and rent containers with which these companies can transport furniture. We also have storage capacity for the temporary, safe, moisture and frost-proof storage of containers containing household items. Contact us to find out more about the options.

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Industrial relocation services

Moving industrial machinery and other equipment can be quite an undertaking. Heavy, unwieldy machines need to be moved as well as sensitive equipment.  We like to think along with our customers about the scope of their project to supply these industrial moving companies with the right containers for the job.

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Green energy companies regularly buy our containers. They use them as self-sufficient residential container units with solar panels on the roof. Shipping containers are also used sometimes as “neighborhood batteries”: a container filled with rechargeable batteries which local residents can use to store excess solar energy.

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Why do these companies choose R.C.C.?

  • one-stop shop (sales, rental, repair);
  • more than 50 years of experience and expertise;
  • short delivery times;
  • guaranteed high quality;
  • fast and good service;
  • worldwide delivery;
  • competitive prices;
  • seamless service and container modifications;
  • experienced team of mechanics and welders;
  • CSC certification for open top rebuild containers;
  • own inland depot with barge access.

How may we assist you?

Do you want to buy, rent or modify/repair a container? Or do you have a question about our storage and transport possibilities? We are happy to help.

Contact our team via (+31)102632333 or send an e-mail to

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