Container inspection

R.C.C. Container Trading sells, rents, and modifies new and used shipping, tank, and reefer containers. Customer satisfaction and high quality are of paramount importance to us. As a customer, you want to be sure that your cargo can be safely transported and stored. Container inspection therefore is a crucial aspect of our business operations. This way we can guarantee safe and reliable containers, both new and used, for sale and for hire. Find out more below about the container inspections we perform or outsource.

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Container inspection at R.C.C.

Every container that we sell (whether new, used, or modified) and rent complies with strict quality requirements. Quality labels play an important role in this process: they indicate that your container was thoroughly inspected and complies with all the requirements. We perform or have the following container inspections performed on our site:

  • CSC inspections;
  • visual DNV inspections;
  • on hire/off hire surveys;
  • MPI inspections;
  • new CSC inspections for modified containers.
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CSC inspections

CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) is the international agreement for safe containers. All containers that are used for international transport must comply with the requirements of this agreement. New containers are CSC inspected at the factory after which a CSC plate is affixed to the container doors. This plate is valid for five years and contains information about the container, such as the type of container, the manufacturer, the date of manufacture, the serial number, weight, and the plate’s expiration date. The container must be CSC inspected by an authorized company no later than five years after the first inspection.

Visual DNV inspections

DNV is the abbreviation of Det Norske Veritas. This organization issues certificates to welders and welding inspectors. A welding inspector is in charge of visually inspecting the welding connections. The inspector executes this inspection according to specific standards. A certificate is only issued if the result of the inspection is positive, which means that the welding joints are safe.

On hire/off hire surveys

Container inspections are extremely important when renting containers, which is one of our specialties. You want to be sure that you are hiring a safe and solid container from us.  To guarantee this, we perform on hire and off hire surveys. An on hire container inspection specifies the condition of the container when you rent it. During an off hire container inspection, we check whether the container is in the same condition as it was when it left our premises.

MPI inspections

An MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) container inspection can detect cracks in materials in a timely manner. Any cracks in the welding and the load-bearing construction can easily be spotted during these magnetic inspections. The container is magnetized. The magnetic field will be distorted by possible cracks and irregularities, ensuring any abnormalities are spotted and repaired on time.

CSC inspections for modified containers

R.C.C. modifies many containers. Our workshop produces custom designed containers, installing wicket doors, windows, lighting, and air vents. After the modifications, a new container inspection is required. The inspection can be requested based on the drawings and calculations that are made beforehand. A modified container receives a new CSC certificate if the container is built according to the drawings and if the inspection result is positive. The certificate is valid for one year.

Container inspection of rebuild open top containers.

After repair, we also affix a CSC plate that is valid for 12 months to our containers. Rebuild open top containers are the only exception to this rule. These containers, which we build ourselves, come with a CSC plate that is valid for 30 months after the container inspection. The rebuild containers are also DNV/GL certified.

Independent container inspection

To guarantee safety and independent container inspection, some of these inspections are performed by independent inspectors. They visit our depot for the inspection. In short, R.C.C can facilitate any type of inspection.