High cube container

If you need to transport or store large or high cargo, we would advise you to use a high cube container. This container is 30 centimeters higher than a standard container. This might not seem much, but it makes a difference of four to eight cubic meters. And you will notice it right away! You are at the right address if you want to buy a high cube container. R.C.C. Container Trading supplies these containers in five sizes, worldwide and with short delivery times.

Buy a high cube container

R.C.C. Container Trading sells a large selection of new and used shipping, tank, and reefer containers. These containers are perfect for transport and storage, and can even be modified into residential container homes. The high cube containers literally stand out in the middle of our extensive stock. The high cube container is named after its height: with no less than 30 centimeters, the high cube provides a lot of additional space. This is ideal for big cargo or if you need extra high storage space.

High cube container sizes

Our high cube containers are available in the following sizes:


20ft high cube container

Nieuw, gebruikt, te huur en te koop

Verschillende kleuren beschikbaar

Buitenmaten (l × w × h)
6060 mm × 2440 mm × 2890 mm


40ft high cube container

Nieuw, gebruikt, te huur en te koop

Verschillende kleuren beschikbaar

Buitenmaten (l × w × h)
12200 mm × 2400 mm × 2890 mm

We also have pallet wide containers available on our depot. (In which container sizes?) These are 10 centimeters wider than a standard ISO container making it possible to store two euro-pallets next to each other. This is not possible in a standard container. In a 40 ft high cube container this means you can place two to six extra pallets, optimally using the space and preventing your cargo from shifting.

40 hc container

Used container

We supply the above-mentioned high cube containers new from our factory in China all around the world. Another option is to choose a used container of great quality at attractive pricing. Naturally, you can rest assured that we thoroughly inspect and repair, if required, these high cube containers to create wind- and watertight used containers. We perform possible repairs with steel after which a CSC valid container for at least a year will be provided.

Custom-designed high cube container?

Are you looking for more than just a regular container? That is possible. R.C.C. Container Trading has many different examples of custom-designed containers. We made it possible to live or work in a high cube container by adding sliding doors or shutters. We also built stages and exhibition stands with our containers. It is also possible to do less radical modifications such as applying your house style. In short, our workshop creates endless possibilities, so please let us know what you are looking for.

Custom-designed high cube container?

Next to the high cube containers, R.C.C. Container Trading also supplies other containers in all kinds of sizes and capacities. You can find new and used:

  • shipping and storage containers;
  • open top containers (also rebuild containers);
  • flat rack container;
  • hard top containers;
  • reefer containers;
  • tank containers.

Are you doubting about which type of container would suit your needs best? We would like to help you with your project, so please do not hesitate to contact our team.

High cube container transport

You can collect your high cube container by truck on our centrally located depot in the port of Rotterdam, next to the A15. You can also collect it by barge or we can deliver your container to a location of your choice by road, water or rail, worldwide. We would like to discuss the options and, of course, you are welcome to inspect the containers before transport.


Quote and more information

You can ask for a quote of a high cube container on our quotation page. Do you require more information? R.C.C. Container Trading already exists since 1968 and with more than 50 years of experience we would like to advise you about the options. Get in touch with our team at (+31)102632333 or send us an email to info@rcc-containers.nl. Our team is at your service.