Container repair

At R.C.C. Container Trading, we do not only sell and rent a great variety of containers, we also repair containers. Our workshop has experienced employees working on the repair of containers in accordance with the guidelines, and based on the standards of Cargo Worthy and IICL regulations. That way, after repair, you can reuse the container to safely transport and store your cargo. After repair we can deliver the container worldwide. That is one of the advantages of dealing with a one-stop shop as R.C.C.

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Container repair at R.C.C.

Do you have a damaged container? Of course, you want it to be repaired as quickly and professionally as possible. We understand. That is why container repair is one of the cornerstones at R.C.C. Container Trading. Our mechanics and welders perform container repair on a daily basis. They are specialized in the entire repair process. From gluing, foaming, beating out dents, aligning, and insulating to painting, sandblasting and lettering. Furthermore, for reefers we can provide software updates and pre-trip inspections (PTI). Of course, we always perform our container repair according to ISO standards.

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Certificates after container repair

After repair, a CSC plate that is valid for at least a year is affixed to the container. The rebuild open top containers, which we also modify in our workshop, get a CSC plate valid for 30 months and can be shipped multiple times. The rebuild containers are also DNV/GL certified. Inspectors will check the containers on our premises to ensure that they are in compliance with the prerequisites. This guarantees a solid and safe container.

Container repair of used containers

We sell a lot of used containers and we always thoroughly inspect these containers before they are sold. When a container needs to be repaired, our mechanics get to work immediately. The containers are repaired with steel and get thoroughly tested before being sold. This way you are always sure to get a high-quality container, even if it is already used.

Custom-designed containers

Next to container repair, we also provide custom-designed containers for our customers. These modifications can be small, for example adding air vents, or quite far-reaching. We can rebuild containers into office units or catering facilities. Throughout the years, our portfolio has grown significantly, so ask us about the options. The employees in our workshop love a challenge.

Transport after container repair

After the container repair, we can deliver your practically new container to a location of your choice in the Netherlands or in the rest of the world. We do this by inland shipping, train, or road, depending on the accessibility of the destination. Do you prefer to pick up the container yourself? No problem. You can pick up your container after the container repair by truck or barge at our depot in the port of Rotterdam.

Container repair of different containers

With more than 50 years of experience, we can repair all container types and sizes:

  • 4 ft to 45 ft shipping containers;
  • 20 ft to 45 ft (rebuild) open top containers;
  • 20 ft to 45 ft hard top containers;
  • 10 ft to 45 ft high cube containers;
  • 8 ft to 45 ft storage containers;
  • 10 ft to 45 ft reefer containers;
  • 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft, and 40 ft tank containers.

Want to know more about container repair?

Do you have a question about container repair? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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