Container depot

R.C.C. Container Trading has the oldest container depot in the port of Rotterdam. The 100,000-sqm container depot can store 15,000 (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit, TEU) containers. New and used containers for sale or for hire. Ensuring the right container is always available! Besides 20 ft containers, we have many other container sizes and types available in our container depot, including shipping, tank and reefer containers. In addition, our inland container depot has water access which means we can easily load and unload containers from or onto barges.

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Container depot with water access

Our inland container depot is centrally located in the port of Rotterdam. And because the container depot benefits from water access, customers and partners can easily collect their containers by barge. Container transport is particularly attractive from a cost point of view. You can also collect your containers by truck and you can take a look at our stock first before purchasing or hiring a container. Our container depot is open for collections and deliveries every business day from 7:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.

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Stock in our container depot

Our container depot has an enormous stock of containers, such as shipping containers and reefers. We also have numerous tank containers in our tank container depot. R.C.C. supplies new and used containers. We always keep a stock of fairly-priced used containers, for both transport and storage, in our container depot. These include:

  • shipping containers;
  • open top containers;
  • rebuild open top containers;
  • hard top containers;
  • high cube containers;
  • storage containers;
  • reefer containers;
  • tank containers.

The above-mentioned containers are available in different capacities such as open sides, double doors, with steel floors, etc. Please let us know exactly what you are looking for.

Container repair and modifications

Our container depot has a workshop where we repair approximately 20,000 containers every year. We inspect all damaged or used containers and repair them if necessary, ensuring the containers are wind- and watertight in addition to being CSC certified for at least a year. Our container depot is also the place where we build rebuild open top containers. These containers are DNV/GL certified and come with a CSC certificate for 30 months, meaning the containers can be shipped more than once. Finally, we also take care of modifications in our depot: we convert containers into workshops, residential units, stages, or anything else. We can also prominently feature your logo on the container.

Hire a container

Do you want to rent a container because you require temporary, additional capacity? You can! Fill out the quotation form and tell us what you need. We will discuss the various available options with you, in terms of type and size. Depending on what you would use the container for, we can fit it with accessories, such as container locks, lock boxes, stackers, and road plates.

Advantages of R.C.C. container depot

  • Always extensive stock;
  • water and barge connection;
  • workshop for rebuild containers, repair, and modifications;
  • CargoCard entry;
  • fast response time.

Transport of your container

We can ship your container anywhere you want, regardless of the type or size you choose. If you buy a new container, it will be delivered straight to your doorstep from our factory in China. Used containers are supplied from our own depot, saving you a lot of hassle. Transport can be done by barge, truck, or train depending on the final destination and the type of container.