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40 hc container

What is a High Cube Container?

A high cube container, also known as an “HC container,” is a type of standard shipping container with one notable difference – extra height. While standard shipping containers have a height of 8 feet 6 inches (approximately 2.6 meters), a high cube container offers a height of 9 feet 6 inches (approximately 2.9 meters). This additional vertical space makes them particularly suitable for certain freight and storage needs.

Benefits of High Cube Containers

Using high cube containers offers numerous benefits for businesses and individuals involved in international transportation, logistics, and storage. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Extra Space: The most obvious advantage is the additional vertical space, allowing you to fit more goods into one container, potentially leading to transportation cost savings.
  • Versatility: High cube containers are suitable for a wide range of goods, from cars and machinery to household items. They can also be converted into temporary office spaces, workshops, and more.
  • Efficient Stacking: The extra height enables goods to be stacked more efficiently, maximizing available space.
  • Air Circulation: The extra height contributes to better air circulation, which is especially useful for storing goods sensitive to moisture.

Applications of High Cube Containers

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits, let’s look at some common applications of high cube containers:

  • International Transportation: High cube containers are ideal for shipping goods by sea or land, especially when the cargo is large and bulky.
  • Storage: Businesses and individuals often use high cube containers for temporary or long-term storage of goods.
  • Construction Projects: High cube containers are sometimes used on construction sites as mobile storage space for tools and materials.
  • Pop-up Shops: Creative entrepreneurs have transformed high cube containers into pop-up shops and restaurants, offering a trendy and cost-effective option.

Buying or Renting a Container?

At R.C.C., you can both rent and buy a high cube container. Which option you choose often depends on your specific needs. If you only need the container temporarily, renting may be more convenient. In this case, you don’t have to make a large investment but still benefit from all the conveniences a container has to offer. You can rent from us starting from one week, so we are the right address even for short-term rentals.

If you need the container for a longer period and see the purchase as an investment, buying the container is the best option. Buying a high cube container from R.C.C. Container Trading means a choice of five container sizes, short delivery time, and optional transportation to the location of your choice.

R.C.C. Container Trading is here for you

Within the range of High Cube containers at R.C.C., we have the 20ft and 40ft high cube containers in stock. We can deliver these within a short time. But not only are we here for renting or buying containers. We can also take care of transportation, repair, modification, and storage for you.

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