Whether you want to buy or rent an insulated container, R.C.C. Container Trading is here for you. Our inventory includes a wide variety of containers in different sizes, from 20ft to 40ft.

Choosing an insulated container ensures that your stored or transported goods remain weatherproof and well-protected, even in extreme temperatures. To learn more about insulated containers or discuss buying or renting options, read on or contact us for a consultation.


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10 ft koelcontainer

When to opt for an insulated container?

An isolated container can be used for various purposes. They are specially designed to prevent condensation. Especially when you want to store goods for a long time, it is best to choose an isolated container.

In addition, within sea freight, an isolated container is often chosen because there are many temperature differences during the long journey, leading to condensation. It also depends on the type of goods or materials you want to store.

Buying or renting a container?

At R.C.C., you have the flexibility to buy or rent containers based on your needs. If you require a container temporarily or prefer to avoid a large upfront investment, renting is a suitable option.

For long-term use across multiple projects, buying is the best choice. We offer both new and used containers, allowing you to resell them easily when no longer needed.

Want to know more about insulated containers?

For information on our insulated containers or to buy or rent a container, we are here to assist. Schedule a visit to our Rotterdam location or call 010-2632322 or email info@rcc-containers.nl. We provide guidance and can prepare a quote upon request