Are you looking for a high-quality open top container? Look no further! At R.C.C., we offer premium open top containers that meet all your needs. Whether you need temporary extra storage or regularly transport large loads, we have the perfect solution for you.

Want to know more about the price, applications, or dimensions of our open top containers? Read on or feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you in finding the container you need.


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What is an open top container?

Open top containers are special freight containers designed to provide easy access to the cargo. Unlike standard containers, open top containers do not have a fixed roof. Instead, they can be covered with a tarp that can be easily removed. This makes loading and unloading large goods such as machinery, construction materials, and other heavy equipment much simpler.

New and used open top containers

Within our range, you will find both new and used open top containers available for rent and purchase. They come in various sizes, ensuring there is always a suitable container for you. If you have a lower budget and only need the container for a short period, renting a used container is the best option. This can save you a lot of money.

Why choose R.C.C.?

R.C.C. is not only a professional partner in container sales and rental; we are more than that. With us, you can also rely on transportation, modification, repair, storage, and depot services. Additionally, we internally focus on the quality and durability of the containers. Our open top containers are made from high-quality steel and designed to withstand heavy loads and rough conditions. They are built to last and keep your goods safe during transport.

Want to know more about our open top containers?

Do you want more information about our open top containers or have a specific question? Feel free to contact us for more details. We are happy to assist you in finding the container you need and offer it at a competitive price. Moreover, we can also arrange transportation if you wish.